PPC Calculator for better budget, goal & ROI forecasting.

PPC Budget

From your keyword research you can ascertain an average cost per click (CPC) and then set a click through rate (CTR) to calculate PPC budgets.

Set Goals

The results from the PPC cost calculator should direct your campaign goals and objectives to ensure you achieve the results and ROI you desire.

Estimate ROI

From estimating campaign costs, clicks and conversions, you can ascertain the number of conversions your business needs to achieve a good ROI.

PPC Calculator

From your keyword research calculate your total average monthly searches and average CPC and simply enter a realistic CTR and conversion rate into the PPC calculator to find estimated monthly PPC budget, number of conversions and cost per conversion. 

If you have ran PPC campaigns previously, your average CTR and conversion rate is a good place to start or you can research your industry averages. For a good benchmark, read Wordstream’s article outlining average CTR and conversion rates (plus other metrics) for different industry sectors.

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